4 April 2020 – Stay Home! Stay Safe! (Coronavirus)

Thank you all for using my Bots and for your excellent suggestions so far!

now it’s time to stay home and be safe and play our favourite game – Lords & Knights – and use our fantastic programs to have a successful empire on the game!

Go to Download Page and download the ultimate Tools for the Lords and Knights game!

My programs are not cheats, it’s for players:

1. with no much free time to enjoy the game! ⏰
2. playing multiple servers
3. using multiple accounts
4. having too many castles/forts/cities to manage
5. no time to defend/attack
6. Progress your empire without delay! your castles will keep upgrading buildings 24 hours a day! automatic!
7. Timeless missions! as soon as the missions finish then they start again! no delay! ♻️
8. loss-free trading! you will never loss resources! the automatic system of the bot will trade your resources for silver/copper!
9. grow faster with automatic farms! yes! finally! you can farm the whole map without a sweat! ?
10. set trickles like a professional! never lose a castle again! it will automatically trickle your castles, or your teammates castles automatically!
11. attack multiple enemy castles! that’s right! just set the arrival time, the number of troops, and the amount of silver! no need to do more than that!! oh yes, and click 1 button! ?

many of your team players are using it, you still haven’t tried it??

It’s Free to Download and try! you will love it!

The unique automatic process of running your account without the need to be online 24 hours a day, the unique way to keep growing without delaying the upgrade building process, running the ultimate trickling method of using self-trickling, trickling from different castles, trickling with the delay in-game function, trickling using 1 troop as a timer set!! there is no other tool out there that can do all those things!


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