Many features for you to enjoy the game without spending your whole day sending manually attacks/defence. Do it automatically!


General features

  • Enable all the servers you want
  • Available in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese
  • Custom proxy settings


Attack features

  • Castle search tool
  • Assault attack tool
  • Fake attack tool


Trickling features

  • Self-trickling based on send resources
  • Automatic battle slot calculation
  • Custom trickling unit amount
  • set-up a 12hours trickle in less than 30seconds!


How it works

Perfect tool for warriors! automatic synchronize real attacks, fake attacks, trickle castles/fortresses/cities, self-trickling with the function resource trading! Set-up a 12hours trickle in less than 30seconds! who has time to setup a trickle by spending 10minutes for 1 castle? do it now for multiple castles/fortresses with only 1 click! Check it out..!

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